General Information

Organizers and sponsors of the conference

The organizer of the conference: 

  • V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences

Technical Co-Sponsoring: IEEE Russia section

Topics of the conference

  1. General problems of stability and stabilization;
  2. Nonlinear oscillations: general problems and methods;
  3. Lyapunov functions methods;
  4. Smooth and nonsmooth dynamics;
  5. Problems of controllability and observability;
  6. Robust control problems;
  7. Control in mechanical and electromechanical systems;
  8. Control in mechatronic systems and robotic control;
  9. Oscillations, stability, and stabilization in the network and coupled systems;
  10. Stability and control of hybrid and switched systems.

Technical Program Committee

  • A.Yu. Aleksandrov (Saint-Petersburg)
  • I.M. Ananyevskiy (Moscow)
  • A.S. Andreev (Ulyanovsk)
  • I.N. Barabanov (Moscow)
  • F.L. Chernousko (Moscow)
  • A.A. Galyaev (Moscow)
  • Yu.F. Golubev (Moscow)
  • T.F. Filippova (Ekaterinburg)
  • A.M. Kovalev (Donetsk)
  • A.P. Krishchenko (Moscow)
  • A.B. Kurzhanskiy (Moscow)
  • Yu.S. Ledyaev (Kalamazoo)
  • A.A. Martynyuk (Kiev)
  • B.T. Polyak (Moscow)
  • L.B. Rapoport (Moscow)
  • E.Ya. Rubinovich (Moscow)
  • A.A. Tikhonov (Saint-Petersburg)
  • V.N. Tkhai (Moscow)
  • S.N. Vassilyev (Moscow)


Organizing Committee

Chairman of the Organizing Committee - Professor Valentin N. Tkhai 

Members of the Organizing Committee:

  • I.N. Barabanov
  • A.V. Batov
  • O.V. Druzhinina
  • A.V. Gorbunov
  • L.V. Izotova
  • E.O. Mizyakina
  • Yu.V. Morozov
  • M.A. Munitsyna
  • A.V. Pesterev
  • M.V. Pyatnitskaya
  • Z.E. Rapoport
  • G.V. Romanova
  • A.M. Salnikov


Working languages of the conference: English, Russian

Working process of the conference

Plenary and section sessions will be organized during the conference. The duration of a talk at the plenary session is 45 minutes, the duration of a talk at the section session is 20 minutes.

The papers included in the Program of the conference are supposed to be presented at the conference. The non-presented papers will not be included in the proceedings of the conference.


Dates of the conference: June 3 - 5, 2020



"Pyatnitskiy's conference"

By the end of the eighties, it has occurred to Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy to gather scientists of all leading schools specialized in the theory of stability. E.S. Pyatnitskiy proposed to organize a forum where scientists could present their new results, exchange ideas, discuss the future directions of the development of the theory of stability. It’s then that the Workshop ‘Stability and Oscillation of Nonlinear Control Systems’ was born. Now scientists who take part in the Workshop regularly call it just ‘the Pyatnitskiy conference’.

E.S. Pyatnitskiy was the Organizing Committee Chairman of the Workshop till his very last day, he was its ideological locomotive. He was glad to share his indefatigable energy with the participants of the Workshop, created a friendly climate of cooperation.

Since 2004 the Workshop ‘Stability and Oscillations of Nonlinear Control Systems’ is named after E.S. Pyatnitskiy.

The E.S. Pyatnitskiy X International Workshop ‘Stability and Oscillation of Nonlinear Control Systems’ is held in Moscow, in the Institute of Control Sciences of RAS.

The first Workshop was held in 1987 in Tallinn. The most important topics discussed during this Workshop was the theory of stability and the theory of oscillations.

The scientific world celebrated in 1992 the 100th anniversary of the A.M. Lyapunov’s fundamental work, his thesis titled ‘The General Problem of Motion Stability’. The second workshop, which was held in Moscow, in the Institute of Control Sciences, was devoted to that date. The scientific program of that Workshop included plenary lectures, sectional presentations, and a round-table discussion. Academician Valentin V. Rumyantsev presented the plenary lecture concerning Alexander M. Lyapunov and his ideas in the theory of stability. The following sections were organized: Stability and Stabilizaton of Control Systems; Oscillations in Control Systems, Optimal Control, and Game Theory Problems. The round-table discussion was devoted to the future trends of the theory of stability and control theory.

Since 1992 the Workshop became biannual.

In 1994 the Workshop was held in Samara with the assistance of the Samara state university. The plenary lectures were presented by Alexander B. Kurzhanskiy (On Two Approaches to Control Problems Under Uncertainties), Alexander A. Krasovskiy (Synthesis of Auto-oscillation Systems and its Application for a New Type Wind Power Plant), Vladimir M. Matrosov (Analysis of Dynamical Characteristics of Complex Nonlinear Systems).

Since 1996 the Workshop is held in the Institute of Control Sciences of RAS. In 1996 the following scientists presented plenary lectures: Alexander B. Kurzhanskiy (On the Collision Method in the Synthesis of Nonlinear Control Systems), Felix L. Chernousko (Approximation of Attainability Sets for Linear Systems with Uncertain Matrices), Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy (Control of Black Box of Mechanical Nature), Valentin V. Rumyantsev (Comparison of Three Methods of Lyapunov Function Construction), Alexander A. Krasovskiy (Some Actual Problems of the Current Control Theory), Vladimir M. Matrosov (Methods of Dynamical Analysis of Control Systems).

Among the plenary lecturers for the Workshop in 1998 there were: Alexander A. Krasovskiy (Historical Outline of Development and a Modern Approach to the Problem of Self-organizing Optimal Regulator), Lyubomir T. Gruyitch (Consistent Lyapunov Methodology: Global Exponential Stability of Sets), Alexander B. Kurzhanskiy (On the Attainability Problem in the Control Theory), Iveri V. Prangishvili (General-system Unpartial Laws of the Functioning of Different Nature Complex Systems and Problems of Control Organization), Semyon M. Meerkov (Feedback Control of Congestion in Data Network: Oscillation Suppression by a Rate-Based Algorithm), Vladimir M. Matrosov (Nonlinear Analysis of Logic-dynamical Systems with Variable Structure), Yuriy I. Neymark (Dynamic Model as a Basic of Modern Natural Science), Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy (Conception of Motion Control in Biomechanics).

In the Workshop of 2000, Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy presented the lecture ‘Theoretical Basis of Biomechanics’. Plenary sessions lasted two working days and included also the following lectures: Valentin V. Rumyantsev (On the Forms of the Hamilton Principle for Nonholonomic Systems), Felix L. Chernousko (Controllable Motions of Multi-link Systems on Plane), Vladimir M. Matrosov (Development of the Theory of Stability in the Academy of Sciences during the XXth Century), Alexander A. Krasovskiy (Synthesis of the Attractors for Polynomial Dynamic Systems of the Fifth Order. Applications to Fundamental Theoretical and Applied Problems), Alexey V. Pokrovskiy and J. McInerney (Rotation Theory and Chaotic Dynamics), C. Gokcek, P.T. Kabamba and S.M. Meerkov (Practical Control Theory).

Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy organized the last his Workshop in 2002. The plenary lectures were given by Alexander B. Kurzhanskiy (Dynamic Programming Method in Non-typical Control Problems), Victor F. Zhuravlev (Invariant Normalization of Perturbations in Hamiltonian Systems), Anatoliy D. Myshkis (Early Stages of the Modern Theory of Functional-Differential Equations: Personal Reminiscences), Vladimir M. Matrosov (Nonlinear Control Theory for Large-Scale System), Alexander A. Krasovskiy (Synthesis of Polynomial Auto-oscillating Systems of the Fifth to Seventh Order).

The Workshop of 2004 was held in commemoration of Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy. The colleagues of Pyatnitskiy (I.N. Barabanov, V.F. Krotov, V.I. Matyukhin, L.B. Rapoport, and V.N. Tkhai) prepared the plenary presentation "Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeniy S. Pyatnitskiy". Other plenary lectures were presented by V.S. Kozyakin and N.A. Kuznetsov (Stability of Linear Mistiming Systems), L.T. Gruyitch (Time, System and Control), S. Boyd (Linear Matrix Inequalities and Semidefinite Programming), P.H. Bauer (Stability Theory in Communication Networks: New Problems and a New Application), Yu.N. Pavlovskiy (On Decomposition of Mathematical Models), S.N. Vassilyev (Towards the Reduction Theory), and M. Pascal and S.Ya. Stepanov (An Analytical Investigation of the Periodic Motions of Two Degree of Freedom Oscillator with Elastic Obstacles). The participants decided to name the biannual Workshop ‘Stability and Oscillations of Nonlinear Control Systems’ after Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy. The proceedings of this workshop were published as an electronic publication.

The Workshop of 2006 was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy. The presentation of the Pyatnitskiy's concept of theoretical biomechanics was made by Professors A.A. Frolov and E.V. Biryukova from the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Plenary lectures were also presented by F.L. Chernousko (Control of Motion of a Mechanical System by Means of Internal Mass Displacement), A.B. Kurzhanskiy (Dynamic and Control Problems for Hybrid Systems), V.F. Zhuravlev (Control of Isotropic Oscillator Functioning as Inertial Sensor), L.B. Rapoport (Control of Wheeled Robots Using GNSS Navigation Methods), A.S. Andreev and V.V. Rumiantsev (On Stabilization of Controlled Mechanical Systems Motions), S.N. Vassilyev (Development of the Comparison Method in the Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems), G. Reiszig (Convexity Criteria and their Application), and G.A. Leonov (The Colonius-Hinrichsen-Wirt Problem in Theory of Linear Control Systems). Selected papers presented in the workshop were published in the special issue of the journal ‘Automation and Remote Control’ (2007, Nos. 8 and 9).

Scientific programs of the Workshops since 1994 may be found on the site of the Institute of Control Sciences, in the archive of conferences section.

The Conference of 2008 was dedicated to the memory of academician Valentin V. Rumyantsev, who took part in the Programme Committee of the Conference since the very first Conference in Tallinn and usually presented plenary lectures concerning the state-of-the-art in the theory of stability.

Since 2016 the Pyatnitskiy's conference is supported by the IEEE Russia section (Technical Co-Sponsoring). Proceedings of the conference are published in the IEEEXplore digital library.

Pyatnitskiy's conference in 2018

The scope of problems discussed in the workshop is constantly widening. It is including the most interesting and most challenging questions. So, in the middle of nineties, the usual topics of the Workshop, such as theory of motion stability, theory of oscillations, controllability and stabilization problems, have been enriched by the robust stability, control of mechanical systems, hybrid system control, decomposition in control problems. In recent years a lot of attention is attracted by the questions of control in engineering systems, as well as that of numerical modeling of control systems and control in network systems.